With the publication of A Level and GCSE results in the past few weeks we now look ahead to the new academic year, beginning in September.
We are always looking to improve and expand the range of services we provide to our students and have some exciting new courses and exam opportunities available for the new academic year.

Provision of UCAS predicted grades

For students not taking their exams within a mainstream setting we can provide you with the predicted grades you need for your UCAS application. We offer this in two ways. You can either have regular lessons with one of our tutors, allowing them to make an informed judgement of your likely attainment, or you can use mock exams. We have seen a huge increase in popularity of using the mock exam approach to produce predicted grades in recent years.

We can provide predicted grades based on your mock exam performance and our professional judgment. For integrity all mocks need to be completed under full examination conditions at our Bristol exam centre. The predicted grades can be included in your UCAS application by your referee, or we can send them directly your prospective universities.

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New Fine Art A Level and GCSE

This academic year, we will be introducing GCSE and A-Level Fine Art to our provision. We are excited to add an Art & Design subject to our varied list of GCSE and A Level subjects.

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New admissions tests for Oxford University

We are pleased to announce that we have been approved to offer Admissions Tests for the University of Oxford in October 2023. The tests we will be running are: –

• CAT (Classics Admissions Test)Three young people sitting an exam
• ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test)
• GAT (Geography Admissions Test)
• HAT (History Admissions Test)
• MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test)
• MLAT (Modern Languages Admissions Test)
• PAT (Physics Admissions Test for Physics, Engineering and Materials Science)
• Philosophy test (for Philosophy and Theology only)

These tests will take place on the following dates: –

Thursday 19th October: CAT, ELAT, GAT and MAT
Friday 20th October: HAT, MLAT, PAT and Philosophy test

All these tests are computer-based, with the exception of the MAT and PAT which will be hybrid. This means the questions will be online but will be answered in a printed booklet.

Our internal registration deadline is Tuesday 26th September, although we strongly advise students to register ASAP as we only have a limited number of spaces available for each test day.

Exciting academic year ahead!

It will be another busy academic year for us and we are eager to help all our students achieve their educational goals. Remember if you were unhappy with your GCSE or A Level results, we provide retake opportunities in the Autumn. Exam Retakes 2023 and 2024 – Everything you need to know

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