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3A Tutors Ltd was established in 1999 and is a fully registered private tutorial college and independent examination centre based in Bristol. We are dedicated to providing innovative examination entry and coordinated learning services to students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances living in the UK and overseas. Our services include private candidate examination entry at GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level, high-quality one-to-one tuition delivered face-to-face or via our real-time virtual classrooms, fast-track small-group courses leading to GCSE and IGCSE qualifications in Mathematics and English in just six months, and several other educational services. All our services have been developed to help students to succeed academically, whether this is by helping them to improve in a difficult subject or subject area, helping them to prepare for an important examination or assisting them to achieve recognised qualifications.

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Private Examination Entry

Simply enter and attend for your GCSE, IGCSE or A-Level examinations!

3A Tutors Ltd is a well-established and highly respected Private Tutorial College and Registered Examination Centre based in Bristol. Our main service is private examination entry for home-educated and self-study students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances who live in the UK and overseas. Students simply enter and attend for their examinations at our centre in Bristol on the relevant dates. We have provided GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level and many other examinations for literally thousands of candidates since our inception in 1999.



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Focused One-to-One Tuition

Achieve your potential!

3A Tutors Ltd also specialises in the provision of focused one-to-one tuition by subject-specialist tutors. Tuition is available at all levels and in a wide range of subjects, ranging from Key Stage 1, 2, and 3 through to GCSE, A-Level and above.

When appointed, we select a fully qualified tutor from our extensive database that matches the student’s specific requirements. The tutor then contacts the student or parent directly to discuss the tuition and to arrange the first tutorial. The tutor works with the student to develop an interactive learning plan to meet their specific needs, whether that is a consolidation of material in a particular subject or to help in preparation for an important examination. Our innovative, fully interactive and student-lead one-to-one tuition services lead invariably to the student making rapid progress in the subject or subjects concerned.

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Fast Track GCSE and IGCSE Courses

Secure the qualifications you need in just six months!

3A Tutors Ltd also provides high-quality fast-track small-group courses leading to GCSE and IGCSE qualifications in Mathematics and English in just six months! These innovative courses have enabled both younger and mature students to achieve the qualification/s that they require very quickly. All fast-track courses are conducted at our centre in Bristol and involve students attending for a 2-hour tutorial each week (one weekday evening, often 6 pm to 8 pm) supplemented by 3 to 4 hours of directed home-study each week. All students sit the examinations with us in Bristol in the Summer Examination Series.

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Stand-Alone Or Combined Services?

Select one or a number of our services to meet your learning needs!
While all our services are offered on a stand-alone basis, many students chose to combine two or more of them to achieve the best overall result. For instance, a student may book examinations, arrange some one-to-one tuition and complete mock examinations with us in the period running up to their examinations.

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To book an examination, a place on one of our fast-track courses or arrange some one-to-one tuition, please call us today on 0117 910 9931 or email us at enquiries@3at.org.uk or contact us using this form.