International A Level Examination entry

We specialise in providing private candidate International A-Level (IAL) examination entry through both the Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel examination boards.

These examinations are available to all students, including home-educated, distance-learning, and mature students living in the UK and overseas.

Globally recognised qualifications

IALs are available multiple times throughout the year. Cambridge IALs are available in the May/June and October/November exam series. Pearson Edexcel IALs are available in the January, May/June and October exam series.

The vast majority of Cambridge IALs offer a staged route to completion, so students can take their AS Level exams, then in the following year take their A Level exams. All Pearson Edexcel IALs (apart from Law) offer a modular structure so students can take their exams at the end of each unit of study, or throughout the programme of study, when they feel prepared and ready. Alternatively you can take all the exams together at the end of the course.

Subjects available as International AS-Levels and A-Levels through our Bristol exam centre:

• Accounting
• Business
• Economics

• Afrikaans Language (AS-Level only) • Arabic
• Chinese • French
• German • Greek
• Portuguese • Tamil
• Spanish

• English Language
• English Literature
• English Language & Literature (AS-Level only)

• Maths
• Further Maths

• Marine Science
• Environmental Management (AS-Level only)
• Biology (Pearson Edexcel only)
• Chemistry (Pearson Edexcel only)
• Physics (Pearson Edexcel only)

• Geography
• History
• Law
• Psychology
• Sociology

• General Paper (AS-Level only)
• Thinking Skills
• Biblical Studies
• Hinduism
• Islamic Studies

• Computer Science (AS-Level only)

• Classical Studies

Pearson Edexcel IALs are only available to students;

1. Following an online course of study which is delivering IAL content to both UK and International students; or
2. Who have studied IALs internationally and then relocated to the UK; or
3. With additional needs that find it easier to follow the IAL modular approach.

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