Functional Skills Mathematics
Examination Entry

3A Tutors Ltd specialises in providing private candidate examination entry to Functional Skills Mathematics as offered through the Edexcel examination board. These examinations are available to all students, including home-educated and mature students.

Take your Functional Skills Maths Exam at our Bristol examination centre

Functional skills offer useful skills in maths to help you onto college courses, apprenticeships and further education. It can also help you when applying for jobs. They provide practical skills that can be used in many different circumstances. If you are studying for this qualification you can take your exam at our easy to access centre in Bristol.

Our centre offers Functional Skills Maths at Level 1 and Level 2. This is a 115 minute test that is available as a paper-based or onscreen assessment. We can schedule the test throughout the year at a specific date and time that suits you. This flexibility can be useful if you need to fit in taking the exam around work and family commitments.  Your result will be available within 28 days of taking the exam.

How to register for your Functional Skills Maths Examination

Registration for your Functional Skills Maths examination involves the completion of an entry form and the payment of the relevant fee. Our staff can provide information relating to the payment and examination options available. We can help with all aspects of the entry procedure. Fill in the form below for more information.