One-To-One Tuition

3A Tutors Ltd offers high-quality private one-to-one tuition in a wide range of subjects, at all levels ranging from Key Stage 1, 2, and 3, through to GCSE, A-Level and above. One-to-one tuition can be arranged either face-to-face at the student’s home, the tutor’s home, another suitable location or online using video conferencing software. 

What does one-to-one involve?

Our one-to-one tuition services are available to students of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances living in the UK and overseas. Typically, tuition is arranged for one hour per week on a convenient day and at a convenient time for the student. Tutorials often recur on the same day and time each week for perhaps several months, and the same tutor will complete all the tuition sessions for continuity and consistency.

We can also provide one-to-one tuition on an ad-hoc basis, for instance providing just one or two hours of tuition when the student has encountered a difficult subject area, in Maths or Science, for example. Or tuition can be undertaken on a more intensive basis, for example several hours over a short period, to support a student in preparation for an important GCSE or A Level exam.

Whatever the chosen format, our subject-specialist one-to-one tutors will work closely with the student, responding to their specific needs to build the student’s confidence, key skills and their ability to answer examination questions successfully.

Please note that the home-tuition service is currently only available in Bristol and surrounding areas. Online tutoring is available to all and typically takes place on Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. 

How much does it cost?

We provide a clear pricing structure for our tutoring service. Our fees are calculated on an hourly rate and are based on the level of teaching required.

Tutoring starts at £33 an hour for KS1, KS2 and 11 +, rising to £39 an hour for A Level.

There are no fixed contracts in place so you are not tied to carry on with tutoring for a specified time, although we do request that if you ask for a tutor, at least one lesson is undertaken.

We generally recommend one hour of tuition per week per subject, as a guide. If you are utilising tutoring to prepare for an exam the tutor will advise if they think extra lessons may be required.

Arrange a tutor appointment

Whether you need a private GCSE tutor, A Level tutor or private tuition in Bristol, or online, contact us today. We can arrange focused one-to-one tuition by one of our registered and vetted, DBS/CRB checked, subject-specialist tutors.