If you are undertaking a science A Level the practical endorsements are a vital part of your course. That’s why you need to choose an exam centre that provides the best possible experience for you. Here at 3A Tutors we provide an incredible service to our science A Level students, helping them achieve the best result they can.

So why choose 3A Tutors?

We provide superior laboratory facilities

Our science practical endorsements are undertaken at the laboratory facilities within the Life Sciences building, at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol. This facility was opened by Sir David Attenborough in 2014 and offers state of the art laboratories. You can take a 360 Virtual Tour of the building, which provides images of the teaching labs you would use.

As far as we are aware no other A Level students in England complete their practicals in such advanced facilities.

We help prepare you for university

If you are hoping to carry on your science education at university, completing your practical endorsements at these facilities will stand you in good stead for the future. You will gain invaluable experience by working in undergraduate university laboratories and being on a university campus. These opportunities will give you a great insight into university life and help prepare you for your future studies.

We provide support in advance of the practicals

We provide all students with their lab books in advance of the practicals. These give details about the 12 activities you will undertake during the week and provide you with extensive practical guidelines. This allows you to come to the practicals fully informed of what is expected of you.

For Biology these guidelines include;science equipment

• Microscopy and slide preparation
• Dissections
• Biological drawing
• Microbiology
• Sampling techniques in fieldwork

For Chemistry these guidelines include;

• Preparing solutions and dilutions
• Pipetting
• Reflux
• Distillation
• Titration

For Physics these guidelines include;

• Using a Vernier caliper
• Using a micrometer screw gauge
• Using a Multimeter.

We offer practical endorsements over consecutive days

Rather than provide practical days spread out through the year we offer practical endorsements over consecutive days. This is great news for students who need to travel from outside the Bristol area because you only need to make one trip. We can provide you with information about where to stay to get to the university easily.

We also undertake the practicals in the Spring, rather than earlier in the school year. This means you will have covered all the relevant theory related to the practicals by this time, giving you a better opportunity to perform well.

We have a high pass rate and proven track record

We have offered practical endorsements to the new specifications in every available year since their introduction in 2017. Prior to that we had offered practical examinations to the old specifications for over 10 years.

To date we have a 100% pass rate for A level Biology and A Level Chemistry and a 97.5% pass rate for A Level Physics.

We have Exemplary Feedback

The feedback we have received from the monitoring visits undertaken by the exam board has been excellent. We have had comments such as;

“Dr Monks and his team have worked hard to develop and deliver an excellent 5-day intensive CPAC course for their students” and “The student lab book which has been put together by the teacher is excellent”

Find out more

By choosing 3A Tutors you will be giving yourself the best chance of succeeding in your science A Levels. Contact us to find out more and book your place.

The dates for 2021 science practicals;


• Monday 29th March
• Tuesday 30th March
• Wednesday 31st March
• Thursday 1st April


• Monday 26th April
• Tuesday 27th April
• Wednesday 28th April
• Thursday 29th April
• Friday 30th April


• Monday 12th April
• Tuesday 13th April
• Wednesday 14th April
• Thursday 15th April
• Friday 16th April