The pandemic changed so many things in education. The cancellation of exams was unprecedented but COVID also altered the way people learn. Online tuition became the best way to carry on learning during COVID and, like working from home, this method of tuition is set to stay. So, what are the benefits of online tuition?

Benefits to students

For students, online tuition provides a more convenient way to reach learning goals. Rather than having to travel students can now work from the comfort of their home, with a greater choice of tutors available.

  • It makes tuition more accessible – Online tuition is not limited by location or mobility issues. This makes tuition more accessible to all. Students can access their lessons from anywhere with an internet connection, without having to travel.
  • Greater choice for students – With the location of student and tutor no longer an issue, students can be matched with the best tutor for them, rather than be restricted by availability in the local area. This provides a greater pool of tutors for students to be matched with.
  • A more comfortable learning environment – Being able to study in your own home can enhance your learning. You are more relaxed in your own environment and this can aid concentration.

Benefits for Tutors

For tutors online tuition provides an easier way to deliver their services. Without travel time and location restrictions tutors are able to take on more students over a wider area. This enhances earning potential.

  • Greater freedom – Tutors can provide their services from any location, this gives them greater freedom to work from anywhere.
  • More flexibility – Tuition sessions could be scheduled more easily around other family commitments as it can be done from home.
  • Removes travel time – Without having to travel to each student tutors can support a greater number of students nationally, even globally; this can increase earnings potential.

Familiarity with technology aids online learning

Learning and working from home was a pretty alien concept at the start of 2020! Now we are all more familiar with the technology involved and it’s the norm to learn from home. Students and tutors can reap the benefits of this new technology to have live interactions, working effectively from different locations.

The quality of teaching is still highblonde woman on laptop

Online tuition is a powerful way to enhance learning outcomes for students. It offers greater convenience and flexibility to students and tutors. The quality of tuition is in no way affected by the delivery method, providing just as high a standard of teaching as face-to-face interactions. Online delivery just creates more time and freedom to learn, without the added hassle of travel.
Online tuition was already becoming a preferred method of delivery before the pandemic, it merely acted as a catalyst to making online learning more accessible and popular.

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