In our last post we let you know that a consultation was being undertaken to determine how exam grades will be decided for the Summer 2021 exam series. We now have a decision and can let you know the process for the awarding of exam grades.

As always, we have read all the guidelines carefully and are dedicated to help all our candidates achieve their grades this Summer. We understand that this is a stressful time and we are doing all we can to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

What has been decided?

Following the cancellation of the Summer 2021 exam series it has been confirmed that all private candidates will need to be assessed via the centre they are registered at. Originally IGCSEs were set to go ahead but these have now also been cancelled by Edexcel and Cambridge International.

The guidelines state that a centre must have an agreed approach in place to determine how grades will be awarded and this process must be standardised for all students. This is to ensure that all the grades awarded are consistent. There will also be an opportunity for students to appeal their grades in August if they believe an error has been made.

How will 3A Tutors award exam grades?

The assessment approach that we have decided on is to provide all of our students with grades based on past papers. This assessment procedure will allow our students to obtain grades for all of the subjects that they are entered for. The assessment of our private candidates can be conducted remotely or in-centre during May. Students can decide the venue they would prefer. Student grades will be based on their performance in these papers.

Students entered for Modern Foreign languages GCSE & IGCSE will still need to be assessed and receive a separate grade (pass, merit or distinction) for the speaking endorsement. This assessment can either be conducted in-centre in late April or remotely with an appointed tutor. The only exception is for the Modern Foreign language Cambridge IGCSE.

Students entered for A-Level Biology, Chemistry and / or Physics will still need to complete the practical endorsement during March and April at the University of Bristol.

Reputable distance learning providers, that we have a pre-existing relationship with, can provide us with additional evidence for their students to be used in conjunction with the past papers being completed under our guidance.

Will there be any extra costs?

The approach that we have chosen will mean significant extra work and expense for 3A Tutors Ltd. We will incur additional costs including printing of the papers, packing, posting and marking. All of this would usually be provided by the exam board. Whilst we can offset some of these additional costs against savings that can be made, for example we will not need to appoint invigilators, we will incur additional fees. However, we sympathise with all students in these hard times and therefore 3A Tutors will absorb all additional costs. This means our candidates will simply pay the fees previously agreed.

When will I find out my exam results?Young lady at computer

The results days have been confirmed as follows.

AS & A-Level – Tuesday 10th August 2021
GCSE & IGCSE – Thursday 12th August 2021

We are not permitted to discuss or release results to students before these dates.

We are here for you

This has been a stressful time for everyone. Now we have a plan in place we will work hard to make sure all our students are awarded grades in a fair way this Summer.

We really hope this is the last exam series that is affected by the COVID pandemic and we can soon return to our normal way of operating.

If you have any questions about the assessment procedure do not hesitate to get in touch.