These are strange times indeed. Schools are shut and many of us are working from home. This is a new “normal” for everyone but for those of us with school aged children, we are now expected to take on the role of teacher on top of our usual responsibilities. If you are trying to work and help your child with learning, you might consider some help from experienced, trained tutors to help ease the pressure.

Here at 3a Tutors we have been providing online tutoring for a number of years and already understand the benefits of this form of tuition. In these times of isolation and social distancing, working with an online tutor is a great way to safely continue to learn whilst schools are closed. If you are looking to find a tutor, at this time, there are a number of reasons why we are well placed to help.

Matching you with high quality tutors

We already have a strong network of tutors across a wide range of subjects and levels, from primary level to A level and beyond. Our tutors are all either post graduate students, graduates or trained teachers. All our tutors are subject experts and are DBS checked and vetted by us. Our tutoring Co- Ordinator is skilled in matching students to the right tutor, based on requirements. With tutoring delivered online, you are not limited to a tutor in your area, giving you a wider choice. This means we are able to find just the right fit for you and your family.

Established state of the art learning technology

Laptop and mobile phoneWe have been running online tutoring for a number of years so this form of teaching is not new to us. This means we already have robust systems in place to deliver online learning. We have state of the art virtual, real time classrooms which are user friendly and student led. Our cutting-edge classrooms have fully interactive whiteboards and high-quality audio. These systems are tried and tested and our tutors are already familiar with teaching in this way.

Providing a safe way to learn

We provide a tried and tested way of learning for all our students. With many people concerned about the safety of online video conferencing tools, we are confident that we have a safe system to deliver learning all across the UK as this is technology well established for remote tutoring.

One to one focussed learning

One to one tutoring has many advantages. Our tutors provide focussed attention, allowing your child to work at their own pace. This can often lead to a higher level of learning and help your child to grow in confidence. Our tutors are able to check a child’s understanding and explain concepts in a way that improves learning. They will build a relationship with your child, adapting their teaching to your child’s learning style to make the tutoring sessions more effective.

Tutoring sessions to fit around your schedule

We are all working to slightly different time tables right now. If you have certain requirements for when you want online tutoring to take place we can try and accommodate that. This could be really helpful if you are trying to organise learning around your own work commitments. Some children also benefit from a regular routine, for their learning, so they know what is expected of them and when.

Taking the pressure off youperson typing

During this time using online tutoring can take the pressure off you and alleviates some of the stress of home schooling. Timetabled tutoring time can give you the space and time for your own work commitments. Using a tutor ensures that your child is taught by a subject professional. We as parents and carers are often not trained teachers and can feel overwhelmed by what is expected of us. We can help you by providing online tutoring to help keep your children motivated during this difficult and stressful time.

Take a look at our tutoring page for more information and a video demonstrating our virtual classrooms or Contact us for more information.

Stay safe.