GCSE Mathematics Examination Entry

3A Tutors Ltd specialises in providing private candidate exam entry to GCSE Maths examinations as offered through all of the UK’s major examination boards. These examinations are available to students of all ages and circumstances, including home-educated, distance-learning and mature students living in the UK and overseas.

Take your Maths GCSE at our private Bristol exam centre

Over 175 students sit GCSE Maths at our GCSE centre in Bristol each year, making it our most popular qualification. It is available to students in both the May/June examination series, which is open to candidates of all ages, and in the November examination series. The later series is restricted to candidates aged 16 and above or candidates under 16 who are retaking the qualification.

AQA, Edexcel, and OCR GCSE Mathematics students are required to sit three 90-minute examination papers, one non-calculator and two calculator papers. WJEC Eduqas GCSE Maths students are required to take two 135-minute examination papers, one non-calculator and one calculator paper.

GCSE Maths is graded on a scale 1 to 9. Students can choose to take the Higher tier examination with possible grades being 4 to 9, or the Foundation tier examination offering possible grades being 1 to 5.

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Registration for your maths GCSE 2022 exam involves the completion of an entry form and the payment of the relevant fee. Our staff can provide information relating to the payment and examination options available and can help with all aspects of the entry procedure. Fill in the form below for more information.