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Functional Skills Mathematics Examination Entry

3A Tutors Ltd specialises in providing private candidate examination entry to Functional Skills Mathematics as offered through the Edexcel examination board. These examinations are available to all students, including home-educated and mature students.

Functional Skills Maths is available at Level 1 and Level 2. It is a 115-minute onscreen test that can be sat at any moment throughout the year and can be scheduled for a specific date and time that suits the candidate, including Saturday and Sunday mornings (subject to staff availability).

Often, the Functional Skills Maths grade achieved enables the candidate to gain acceptance on to a college or university course or to assist them with career development and promotion.
Lady doing a Functional Skills Maths Exam


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How to Register for Functional Skills Mathematics Examinations

Registration for Functional Skills Maths examinations involves the completion of an entry form and the payment of the relevant fee. Centre staff can provide information relating to the examination and payment options that are available and help with all aspects of the entry procedure. Please contact us to request an examination entry form.

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To book a functional skills examination or for further information please call us today on 0117 910 9931 or email us at enquiries@3at.org.uk or contact us using this form.