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Practical Assessment

Practical Assessment

A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics candidates can book and complete their Practical Skills Assessment (aka Practical Endorsement) through 3A Tutors Ltd at laboratory facilities we have access to at the University of the West of England (UWE).

The Practical Assessment for each subject will involve candidates attending at UWE for 5 consecutive days (40-45 hours in-lab time) on dates between mid-April and early-May.

The Practical Assessment for each subject will be based on 12 set practical tasks and will encompass staff-led demonstrations, practical tuition and hands-on experience; enabling candidates to acquire and be able to demonstrate competency consistently in a number of key skill areas as required by the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC).

All demonstrations, tuition, training and assessments will be conducted by 3A Tutors Ltd and UWE staff.

Candidates who successfully demonstrate the required competency across all the requirements of the CPAC will receive a ‘pass’ grade in the subject concerned. This will be reported separately on their certificate alongside their overall A-Level grade (A-Level grades are only based on the marks achieved in the written exams).

Candidates will be sent a lab book prior to attending, which must be used to keep a formal record of their assessed practical activities. The lab book will also contain certain tasks that the candidate must complete in advance.

For further details regarding the Practical Assessment, including specific dates, or to request an entry form, please 
contact us.

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