Taking exams is stressful for everyone who undertakes them but for candidates with anxiety the process can be overwhelming. As a private exam centre many of our students are home educated because the school environment was not suitable for their needs.

We are able to provide a more tailored experience for candidates dealing with anxiety. So, how do we help anxious students perform to the best of their abilities in an exam situation?

Advance tour of our Bristol exam centre

We understand that many anxieties arise due to a fear of the unknown. Understanding all the practical elements of the exam procedure can help our anxious students prepare for their exam day. Therefore, we offer our students the opportunity to visit our exam centre in advance of their exams. They can meet the centre staff, see some of the exam rooms and go through any queries and concerns they have with us. We do all we can to ease any worries our students have.

Guidance through the exam day procedure

We clearly explain to all our students what will be expected from them on exam day. We have a step-by-step guide to help them understand what they need to do before the exam starts. This means that anxious students can run through the steps before the exam and then follow the same routine on exam day. This is another element of preparation that helps to ease anxiety.

Providing a more relaxed environment than school or college

Many of our home educated students found the school environment too stressful. Taking exams with us is not like returning to school. There is no uniform or specific dress code so you can wear what feels comfortable. Our students have a diverse age range, often creating a less intimidating exam space. Our exam rooms are also typically smaller than those at schools and colleges which can help ease some worries about crowded spaces.

Trained invigilators

Our invigilators are trained to ensure the smooth running of our exams and to make sure everything is completed correctly. In addition to that, our invigilators are very attentive and supportive to the needs of our candidates with anxiety. They are experienced in helping anxious students navigate the exam setting.

One of our invigilators, Sally, is also a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist who offers a range of enjoyable and relaxing services to help students with issues such as anxiety. Further information regarding Sally and the services she offers can be found here.

Candidate feedback

We pride ourselves on helping all our candidates complete their exams, whatever their needs. Here is some feedback from our Google reviews.

We are very grateful to 3A Tutors for all their help in organising for my son to sit and pass his 5 IGCSEs. Due to being badly let down by his Secondary School we home schooled him and had no idea how and where to even start finding a place for him to sit exams…. 3A were very understanding and helped us through the whole process. For anyone struggling to educate their children by themselves I highly recommend 3A to assist you through this alternate way of getting qualifications. Thank you very much Peter and Paul for all your kindness and assistance.” A Matthews


“I took a GCSE Spanish exam with this centre. Being a candidate with additional needs, the centre provided me with all of the arrangements that I needed and put me at ease, before the exam started. I achieved a grade 7. I would highly recommend any new GCSE students who wish to take their exam with this centre. Outstanding!” Charlotte Willis


“Couldn’t recommend 3A Tuition more. My daughter has additional needs and staff at the centre couldn’t have been more accommodating. My daughter was put at ease by the staff’s kindness and calmness. Thank you so much.” Kadie Jane

Discover more about how we can help you

If you are an anxious student or the parent/carer of an anxious child looking for a place to take exams then get in touch. We can help you through the exam process with calmness and professionalism.