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3A Tutors Ltd is a well-established private tutorial college and independent examination centre based in Bristol. Our guiding principle and aim is to help students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances to achieve recognised qualifications in the subject or subjects of their choice. Our services encompass just examination entry for private candidates, fully taught fast-track courses leading to recognised qualifications, small-group tuition, one-to-one tuition conducted face-to-face or in one of our real-time virtual tutorial rooms, cramming classes and mock examinations.

Our examination-based services have enabled literally thousands of school age home-educated students and more mature individuals to achieve recognised qualifications at GCSE, IGCSE (the International GCSE), A-Level and Functional Skills level. We also provide admission tests for a number of different universities. 

We have been a registered examination centre (50538) with the AQA, CIE, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC awarding bodies for many years.

Private candidate examination entry
(External candidates)

Private candidates, who study at home, can simply enter, attend and sit their examinations with us at our National Examination Centre in Bristol on the relevant dates. Private external candidates are not required to study through us or visit the centre prior to their examinations. We provide just examinations for literally hundreds of private external candidates from across the UK and overseas each year.

Our candidate support team can even provide information relating to the examination options available, help with all aspects of the entry procedure and travel/accommodation information (access to the centre via road or train is very straightforward).

So far in 2015, more than 750 private external candidates have attended and sat over 1900 written papers, oral examinations and practical examinations with us. Whilst most of our candidates are between about 15 and 30 years of age, the ages of candidates have ranged from 7 to 82 years respectively.

Private candidates with special educational needs

We also provide examinations for private candidates with special educational needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties or disorders. Where approved we can provide Access Arrangements for candidates e.g. additional examination time (typically + 25%), the use of a scribe or reader or a computer etc. and/or access to a private examination room. Note: the granting of Access Arrangements and/or other special arrangements is subject to formal approval by JCQ and the Head of Centre. We also support candidates with long-term illnesses.

School and college-based candidates

School and college based students who require examination entry to subjects or levels not currently supported by the school or college, or students who have been excluded from school can sit their examinations with us as private candidates.

Fast-track taught courses leading to recognised qualifications
(Internal candidates)

Students can enrol with us as an internal candidate on one or more of our fast track courses leading to a recognised qualification/s. Internal candidates follow an intensive taught course delivered via small-group (weekly, evening) tutorials that are combined with several hours of home-based self-study. On completion of the course, the candidate attends at our national centre in Bristol on the relevant dates to sit their examinations. 

For more information on fast-track taught courses leading to recognised qualifications, please visit www.3ac.org.uk

Private tuition

We provide a number of private tuition services at all levels and in many subjects. The services include one-to-one tuition delivered at the student’s home or online via our virtual tutorial rooms. All services are available to self-study external students of all ages and backgrounds as well as to students who are currently attending school or college.

One-to-one tuition in one or more subjects is the ideal way for students to improve in that subject or subjects to help them in preparation for their school or college-based examinations (e.g. appointing a Maths tutor to conduct a 1 hour one-to-one tutorial each week, arranged at a mutually convenient time in the evening or at the weekend, can be highly beneficial in improving a student’s understanding and confidence in the subject concerned)

For more information on private tuition please visit our college website


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